Contributing to this JupyterBook course on quantum chemistry#

Create a working repository and branch#

  1. Fork the repository by clicking on the Fork button in the top-right corner. This creates a new copy of this repo under your GitHub user account.

  2. Clone the repo using git clone (for now the name of repository is IntroQM2022) using this link: QC-Edu/IntroQM2022.git

Once the repo is cloned, you need to do two things:

  1. Create a new branch by issuing the command: git checkout -b new_branch

  2. Create a new remote for the upstream repo with the command: git remote add upstream

In this case, “upstream repo” refers to the original repo you created your fork from. Also you can take a look at “Workflow summary” section here

Now, you can make changes to the file(s) you want to change.

Make a pull request#

When you’ve finished your changes, add, commit and push them using git add, git commit and git push -u origin new_branch commands respectively.

Once you push the changes to your repo, find and click Compare & pull request button at your GitHub repo.

Open a pull request by clicking the Create pull request button. This allows us to review your contribution.

Build the book#

  1. Outside of the main folder run jb build IntroQM2022

  2. Go to the main folder and than add, commit and push changes using git add ., git commit, git push respectively

  3. Run ghp-import -n -p -f _build/html