Assignment: GitHub, Jupyter, Python, Numpy

Assignment: GitHub, Jupyter, Python, Numpy

This assignment consists of LinkedIn Learning courses that that cover Jupyter, programming concepts, Python programming, and Numpy. Upon completing each course, you will need to download your certificate of completion and upload it as your assignment. You can also add the certificate to your LinkedIn profile.

Before you get started, it’s helpful to log into LinkedIn Learning. (However, the links provided should automatically prompt you to log in if you are not already.) If you already have a LinkedIn account associated with a different e-mail, you can link your accounts.

  1. Go through the course’s introduction to computer programming and computer programming tools.

  2. Go to your user dashboard on GitHub and create a new repository called Course-Certificates. Experiment with the features within that repository to familiarize yourself with them.

  3. In the file in the repository, explain that the purpose of this repository is to store your LinkedIn Learning Certificates. Make a numbered list of certificates, with the name of the course as the title, linked to the file containing the certificate. See the example repository. You can look at the sequence of revisions in the example repository to learn more about how to construct the file.

  4. Upload the certificates for using Jupyter notebooks, Python programming, and using Numpy.

  5. Invite Rik (username: RichRick1) and Paul (username: PaulWAyers) as external collaborators with “write” permission to this repository.

Completing these four items suffices for an S- grade. For an S grade, complete one additional activity. For an S+ grade, complete a total of at least three additional activities. The certificates and/or proofs-of-completion for these activities should be added to the file in your Course-Certificates repository. Further activities can be added to this repository over the course of the term for (even more) additional points.