Extra Credit Problems for Jupyter, Python, Numpy, etc.#

You can complete additional courses on LinkedIn Learning or other venues for additional points. The below links are curated to be especially helpful and useful, but almost any online activity that you complete and can document the completion of is acceptable. To get credit, add to the list of courses you have completed in your Course-Certificates GitHub repository. You can add courses anytime before the end of the term, but be sure that you get your points, as I might not check your repository unless you tell me to do so.

Codecademy Python 2#

  • This is Python 2, but Python 3 isn’t very different, and the Python 3 course requires a (paid) subscription to Codecademy, while the Python 2 course does not. (You can get a free trial from Codecademy, though.) To do this assignment, sign up for Codecademy (free) and work through the 12 topical modules by reading about Python syntax and solving the interactive web-based exercises on your own. If you get stuck, you’ll be provided with instructive hints. This course will take much less than the time they estimate, because you can skip projects and quizzes that are accessible only through a (paid) PRO account. When you’re finished, take a screenshot of the certificate of completion add it to the list of certificates in your Course-Certificates repository. See image below.


The Coder’s Apprentice#

  • This seems like a great course introducing Python 3, with lots of hands-on exercises! It’s quite substantial. When you register, you should have access to the online score sheet, which you can submit for extra credit.

Linkedin Learning#

You can complete relevant LinkedIn Learning courses to earn extra points. For example, you can choose to complete some of the courses you’ve already (partly) seen in the course material. Simply add the LinkedIn Learning certificate of completion to the list in your Course-Certificates repository.

Online Python Tests#

  • Python Exercises from W3Schools 95 simple interactive questions grouped by topic.

    • Instructions: Try to solve an exercise by filling in the missing parts of code. If you got stuck, hit the “Show Answer” button to see what you’ve done wrong. If you need to practice a certain topic more, you can go directly to the associated interactive tutorial. At the end, submit a screenshot showing “Completed 95 of 95 Exercises” for extra credit.

  • Python Quiz from W3Schools 25 multiple-choice questions.

    • Instructions: Your total score and the correct answers will be displayed at the end of the quiz. Take a screen shot of this page and receive points (depending on your score).

  • PYnative Python Quizzes 14 topic-specific quizzes each with ~15 questions each.

    • Instructions: Click on “Solve Quiz” to test your knowledge on each topic. Upon submitting, your score, correct answers are displayed. Take a screenshot of the “passed” quizzes and submit them.

  • Interactive Python Quizzes from Real Python A collection of short interactive quizzes.

    • Instructions: Take the quizzes and then submit a screenshot of the score reports to show that you passed the quiz.

  • Exercism Free mentor-based learning pathways for Python, Julia, and much more.

    • Instructions: If you use Exercism, you can submit work you create therein for extra points. Simply add the work directly to your GitHub account.

  • JetBrains Academy has several courses. Some courses you have to pay for, but most are available with a free trial. Their Python courses are rumored to be excellent.