In general, extra points will be earned from pull requests to this repository, which contains the key course content. The purpose of this strategy is to encourage you to write and refine the course content, and especially the reservoir of problems/solutions/tutorials, in a way that benefits future students. While all contributions to the repository are encouraged, if you wish to ensure that extra credit will be granted, ask for prior approval/guidance from the instructor.

Problems/solutions/tutorials should be submitted as Jupyter Notebooks, markdown documents, or markedly structured text documents. They should be exemplary in quality and clear in exposition, as would be expected for S+ work. Once a pull request is accepted, points will be granted at the discretion of the instructor. The guiding criterion is that 1.0 points is indicative of the effort that would be required to complete an additional assignment in the course at the S+ level.

Some sources of problems are below:

  1. Problems from Randy Dumont’s book and his course.

  2. Problem Sets from Jack Simons’ and Jeff Nichols’ Quantum Mechanics in Chemistry

  3. Problems from Jack Simons’ An Introduction to Theoretical Chemistry, 2nd edition.

  4. Problems from many other quantum chemistry textbooks are also acceptable. These are not (to my knowledge) legally available free online, though you can try Sci-Hub, and there are occasionally other links (of likewise questionable legality and permanence). Good examples are:

  5. Relevant assignments and exams from MIT, especially the courses on quantum chemistry from 2005, 2007, 2013, 2017, and 2018. Answer keys are sometimes, but not always, provided.

  6. Old assignments, quizzes, exams, and problems from previous iterations of this course and related courses at McMaster. Answer keys are often, but not always, provided (often after a blank version of the assignment/assessment that you can use to practice).

  7. You can turn in answers to the various questions that appear in the course notes, or in other materials that I post online.